Chateau de la Roche en Loire Cabernet Franc 2020

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The wine-making is totally traditional, with no addition of yeast or other additives ; a slow process of fermentation in low temperatures ; maturing in oak barrels for micro-oxidation ; and no filtration. This process produces wines which are naturally full of character, possessing at the same time a unique and subtle elegance.


Terroir – Brown or red flint clay under a thin silty-stony covering (glossy flint) giving a marked typicity: flint. Gentle slope oriented North – South, diversity of the landscape, pear trees, apple trees, cereals form a balance of biodiversity which increases the organic life of the soil. Drained plots with a network of ditches, wild hedges, natural grass, working the soil to force the roots of the vines to descend deeply in search of trace elements expressing their terroir.

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