Domaine Chasselay Cru de Beaujolais Fleurie “111” 2019

$55.00 inc. GST


Fleurie III is made up of three tiny plots which together total only 0.6 hectares. “Chapelle des Bois”, “Champagne” and”Levratière”


Everything is done manually here. The wine is aged Sur Lie and in oak barrels for circa 10 months. The Fleurie is a Cru that is fresh with a nose of flowers like Iris and Violettes and of red fruit like cassis and red currant. The wine pairs perfectly with goat’s cheese and charcuterie or a nice steak with shallots.


It can age for up to 5 years…if you can be that patient!


Domaine Chasselay – Since 1464.


Claire and Fabien Chasselay, the latest generation to own and run the vineyard, joined in 2007. They have proudly carried forward the wine making ethos of this vineyard of zero pesticides and zero chemicals. In the main the wines are made without sulfites. Only the wines that are made to age get the smallest amount to keep them stable during the ageing process.


The lunar calendar, the seasons and weather patterns are observed all year round. Bio-diversity in and around the vineyard together with flowers and hedges, are used to keep a perfect balance and to protect the vines from neighbouring lands that use pesticides.


The wines from Domaine Chasseley have a taste of passion, which is no surprise given the amazingly hard work of both Claire and Fabien.