Domaine De Souch Jurançon Vendanges Tardives 500ml 2011

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Produced only in exceptional vintages, WOW, what a wine. Expressive nose on citrus aromas evolving on floral notes and candied fruits. Round and fat structure.Beautiful viscosity. 500mL Bottle


100% Petit Manseng.


Foie Gras, fish in cream sauce, poultry, white meat, goat’s, Pyrenees and Roquefort cheese.

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Situated near Pau and the Pyrénées moutains in the South West of France, Domaine de Souch is a 6,5 hectares wine estate created by Yvonne Hegoburu,  a “Grande Dame” with a particular story. In the begining of the 1970’s, Yvonne and René (her husband) found the ruins of an old house at the top of the hill of Laroin and decided to renovate it in order to retire there. Later, they retired together and had the ambition to plant a few acres of vineyards in the Jurançon appellation. However her husband René died prematurely before they could realize their project.


A little while after her hubsand’s death in 1987, Yvonne took the decision to complete their dream and to honour the memory of her lamented René, she planted 6,5 hectares of vineyards around the house. After a couple of years, she produced her 1st vintage in 1990. It was well recognized and welcomed by the professionals which motivated Yvonne to keep going on. Friend with Pascal Delbeck, at this time vineyard manager of Château Belair in Saint Emilion, introduced her to the biodynamic principles in viticulture. Principles that she soon implemented in the whole vineyard in 1994.


On the first foothills of the Pyrenees Atlantiques in the heart of the Bearn, the land of Henry IV, at an altitude of 332 m. The vines are planted on the hillside, facing due south, overlooking the chain of the Pyrenees and the Pic du Midi d’Ossau.


Clay and flint, specific to our terroir, the poudingues of JuraÇon.


Traditional Ploughing. The vines have been under biodynamic management since 1994. Nothing detracts from the authenticity of the terroir. No herbicides, or pesticides. The work of the human hand finds its true expression. Nettles, horsetails, columbines and camomile stand guard…


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