Freeman Tempranillo Altura Vineyard 2014

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An intensely coloured wine marked by robust primary fruit aromas of cola, dried herbs and lemon verbena. The grape flavour fills the middle palate to balance the grape and oak tannin, which give length and persistence to the wine. The primary fruit flavours dominate the wine and will evolve to secondary flavours of leather as the wine ages over the next few years.

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Hilltops is in the southern region of New South Wales and sits atop a large granite rock. This big rock is 150km long and 50km wide and blocks the westward flow of the Murrumbidgee River from Australia’s national capital, Canberra.


Over eons the rock has weathered to produce a layer of decomposed granite soil up to 15-metres deep. Dust storms from central Australia deposited red sand and clay onto this soil, especially on the leeward side of ridges. This event produced the distinctive red colour and clay layers in the soil.


The soils are deep and well drained, ideal for grapevines and the dominant winter rainfall usually ensures good soil moisture reserves for spring growth.


The rock is 500 to 600 metres above sea level and this ensures cool nights in summer and in autumn when the grapes are ripening.


A range of hills to the north protects the Hilltops region from northern sub-tropical summer storms resulting in cool, dry, sunny autumns.


Silver Medal, Top 20 Selection, Highland Wine Show 2014

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